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Glycominds IBDX® panel is a series of CE MARK IVD kits that help physicians identify patients who have Crohn’s Disease and which of the patients are at higher risk for bowel damage and surgery. These patients can be candidates for “top down” therapy with biologics. IBDX® is the most validated and cost-effective blood tests to aid in the deferential diagnosis of IBD vs. non-IBD and for CD vs. UC, as well as for predicting the likelihood for Crohn's Disease progression. 
IBDX kits achieved CE MARK regulation. 
All kits are Quick and Easy to use with short incubation times and ready-to-use reagents. Also, all IBDX kits have break-a-well strips allowing high flexibility and economic use.

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Improve IBD diagnosis Sensitivity and Specificity 

The IBDX biomarkers panel: gASCA, ALCA, ACCA, AMCA, Anti-L and Anti-C were analyzed on over 7,500 patients' samples in multiple independent clinical studies around the globe, including: Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic ,France, Germany, Greece, Hungry, Italy, Israel, Poland, Saudi Arabia and the U.S. – which makes it the most validated panel for IBD. 


Studies showed up to 97% specificity in differentiating CD from US patients and up to 70% sensitivity in identifying patients with UC.  It has been reported up to 85.5% sensitivity in identifying patients with CD using multiple markers and up to 56.4% sensitivity in identifying CD patients who are sero-negative to anti-Saccharomyces Cerevisiae antibody (ASCA). 

For more information visit: How is IBD diagnosed?

Crohn's Disease Prognosis

Three Crohn’s disease prognosis levels for disease severity are provided, allowing for improved treatment decisions. 


       Patients positive for two or more IBDX Antibodies:
        - 70% are likely to have complicated disease
        - 60% are likely to require abdominal surgery

       Patients positive for three or more IBDX Antibodies:
         - 90% are likely to have complicated disease
         - 80% are likely to require abdominal surgery

To learn more watch: IBD Testing Options for the Present and Future


Predict Disease Outcome

IBDX antibodies were shown to be able to predict patients who are at a higher risk for first complication and abdominal surgery (HR: 2.8 to 3.1, p<0.007).


Pediatric Value

Inflammatory Bowel Disease diagnosis and Crohn’s disease risk levels and prognostic information were validated prospectively in adults and children


​adopted from Dotan et. al. 2006 Gastroenterology 16 (2) 263-274

       Number of positive serological markers

​adopted from Reider et. al. 2010 IBD 16 (2) 263-274


​adopted from Reider et. al. 2008 DDW oral presentation

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